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Caskett’s Swingsets..

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Either somethign BAAAAAAAAAAD is gonna happen or something GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD is gonna happen.

bad. bad. very very bad.

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"Oh, you’re in my veins, and I cannot get you out."

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Canon accepted.  The series HAS to end with a picture of them pushing one of their kids on THEIR swingset.

They walked out of the bookstore where he’d just been signing his newest novel, a foray into more serious literature, and smiled at the little girl swinging their hands back and forth. She was chattering on and on about her rather… wild dream from last night. That ability to chatter on forever she’d definitely inherited from her father, no doubt. The child could talk straight for days. Since the day she first started talking she never seemed to stop. 

"Oh! Mama! Mama can we go to the swings?" said their little girl, interrupting her… energetic description and tugging on her arm, "Please?"

"The swings?" she said, turning to see a very familiar sight that almost froze her mid-step. Oh wow. It’s been a long time since she’s seen those swings. It was on those swings where she made the first steps towards apologizing for that summer after the sniper. It was on those swings where she sat in the pouring rain after having lost both her job and her love, where she decided to give into her feelings for Castle. It was on those swings where she said yes to forever. And it was on those swings where she told him she was having his baby five years ago. 

She glanced over at Castle, who seemed as surprised as she was. His eyes met her and she could read the same nostalgia in them that she was feeling. That had really been the same bookstore where she’d gone to try and get his forgiveness all those years ago? And she hadn’t even noticed. Suppose she did see a lot of them these days.

"Of course, sweetie," she said, "Let’s go to the swings."

The child skipped forward, dragging her parents behind her as they smiled. Castle hoisted the little girl up onto the swing, her little feet kicking back and forth some distance off from the ground.

Kate moved around to the back of the swing, moving in close to speak to her baby. 

"Ready to fly, little miss?" she said, met by an enthusiastic nod from the girl, "Then hold on tight."

Pulling her back, she pushed the swing out into the air as Castle leaned against the supports, a smile on his face as his eyes met hers. These swings held their story in the chains that made them and the freedom they embodied. These swings were their story. 

And as their giggling little girl urged her to push her higher and higher, she realized with a pang that this was the close of their tale of the swings. This was the last chapter. 

She glanced over at Rick’s smiling face and the laughter on her little girl’s, and she realized that the last chapter might not be a bad thing.

It was over, but that was okay.

That was okay.

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Caskett Kisses S6.

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I can’t imagine my life without you.

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"Richard Edgar Alexander Rodgers Castle, yes… Yes, I will marry you."

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Well, in that case, Richard Edgar Alexander Rodgers Castle..

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