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"I’ve been there, you want blood for blood, but it’s not worth it. Just let him live with who he really is."

- Beckett (The Way of the Ninja)

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"The only thing that kept me going was thinking about you. Our future. The wedding. You were with me the whole time."

- Kate Beckett, Castle (via steffisteffy)

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"I love you with all of my heart.

- Kate Beckett, 6x17
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"So she was killed by a little old lady. Or Katy Perry."

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"People in life take on certain stories and say, ‘I’m going to be defined by this story and I’m going to live up to every inch of this story.’ Sometimes you realize the story isn’t fulfilling you and in fact you’re not living the life that you’re given."

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"Dude, they’re donuts. Either you’re in or you’re out."

- Richard Castle (via muppet47)

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"Castle, your whole relationship is built on a foundation of your boundary-pushing."

- Kevin Ryan, summing up the concept of Castle. (via amusementforme)

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"There are TV fans, then there are Castle fans."