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I think you have the perfect partner.

I love how her voice sounds in this scene. Teasing, but just the right touch of emotion; soft with a little rough quality as she thinks about everything that happened that day.

I don’t know if this is an unpopular opinion or not, but some of my all time favourite Castle episodes are from season 4 I LOVE season 4 and all the angst and good stuff that came with it

Oh no, you’re definitely not alone. At least not in my opinion. Season 4 was wonderful because it held just the right amount of angst and hope. You knew they were on the cusp of something amazing and they knew it, too; they just couldn’t quite reach it yet. And when it was angsty, it wasn’t manufactured angstiness (like throwing Josh into the mix right as Castle’s about to say something), it was angstiness of their own making.

It was beautiful and what I loved about it was Beckett accepting that she was in love with Castle, but she knew she wasn’t there yet, and all the little smiles she gave him, either when he saw or didn’t see, they were like her knowing a secret and just the small glimpse of what was to come and I found it so beautiful. You can sense the change in their relationship from season 3 to 4 and I just loved the little things almost as much as the big stuff

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1x07 / 6x15

"Here with you."

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"Oh, you’re in my veins, and I cannot get you out."

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4x07 // 6x01

Oh God when her face breaks into that smile, just for him.

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Kate Beckett smiling at her fiance.

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"Red or white? I’m cooking you dinner tonight."

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