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Beckett calling Castle ”Rick” - requested by anon.

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Luvcbalways’s favorite moments in Waveform

i’ve gotten used to you pulling my pigtails; always; it’s your drawer; and i love you kate;

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otp meme: 4 fights
↳ knockout (2) 

C: They’re going to kill you, Kate, and if you don’t care about that, please think about how that’s going to affect the people who love you. You really want to put your dad through that? What about Josh?

B: And what about you, Rick?

C: Well, of course I don’t want anything to happen to you. I’m your partner, I’m your friend.

B: Is that what we are?

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Things change

seasons 1-6

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Not including him in a choice to opening up to him about a choice.

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Richard Castle + Kate Beckett 5x24‘Watershed’

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3.24 // 4.23 // 5.21