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OCTOBER 28, 2013

CASTLE on Location in Downtown Los Angeles.

Stana Katic sat in the window for a long time between scenes.

Nathan Fillion appeared in the window with both Seamus Dever and Jon Huertas. They were entertaining the fans (me, included) between scenes. They were making faces, smiling, waving, etc to us. Wish I had video of them, because it was so much fun. Just being awesome! They are a great cast, always gracious to their fans.

**I previously posted the pics of Nathan with the boys on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook.**

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Castle cast + behind the scenes

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Caslte new promo picture


Caslte new promo picture

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Castle Season 6 Solo Photos

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Castle Season 6 Promo Pics- Solo Shots


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Castle Cast: A+ on trolling

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