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I can see this becoming my second favorite after Castle, of course, really quickly :D Super excited. :D

Now can we have a Nikki Heat movie too??

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The curious case of I-feel-so-attacked-right-now!Castle and little kitten!Kate, featuring smokin’hot!detective Scotland Yard

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Im sorry, but I’m gonna have to ask you to not make me think about such things, my heart can’t take it.

yes hello did my hand slip


Somehow they manage to get her away from the car. 

They get her to trudge up the hill back to the all too white and pristine car in her all too muddied and wrecked once-white wedding dress. They get her propped up against the car, turned well away from the… the wreckage.  They get her to wrap a towel around her neck, they get her to speak again. Lanie was fussing over her. Trying to get her back to sanity as tears ran down her own face. Alexis had rushed over with Lanie and Martha and the boys. That poor girl- God, what she must be going through. 

The boys seemed determined to find him now, like… like Castle had told her they’d been after her shooting. They’d already wrangled up the Hamptons police- including that Deputy who’d never solved anything in his life before that corpse ended up in the… the pool. 

God. Where was he? How could this have happened? What the hell-

"Beckett?" says Ryan as he approaches, "Can I ask you a few questions? I know it probably isn’t…"

"Shoot," she says quietly. Oh god. What if he’d been shot? What if he was dead? What if- 

No. No. He wasn’t in the car. Someone was covering something up. He couldn’t be dead. He wouldn’t be dead. It was Castle. He’d find a way, no matter what the hell was going on.

"Do you remember anything at all from that last phone call? Anything suspicious or that might lend a hint?"

"No," she says, taking a deep breath as she went back through their last- no, not last, just most recent- conversation. He’d been bringing back the marriage licence after all of the nonsense they’d had to go through with her crazy ex. Seems like a dream now, that insanity. He’d been a few minutes away. She’d been in her wedding dress. Her mom’s wedding dress. Martha had just given her those beautiful blue earrings that still steadfastly remained in her ears regardless of the nightmare of the past hour. No. There’d been nothing out of the ordinary.

"What was the last thing he said to you?"

She blinked back tears as she flashed back to the end. Keep it together, Beckett. 

"That…. he loved me," she says, "And I said it back. That was it. And then…"

Her voice trails off with a glance to the burnt wreckage of a car in the pit next to them and Ryan bites his lip. 

"Thanks," he says, turning to walk away before pausing to face her again, "We’ll find him. We will."

She nods, sinking into the car, gaze fixated on the ground and pointedly avoiding the wreckage. Lanie comes back up and wraps her in a big hug. 

"We’ll find him," says Lanie, echoing Ryan’s message, "There’s no way we’re going to let him vanish. He’s out there. It’s Castle. He survives. If he hasn’t already talked the ears off of whoever he’s stuck with…"

She gives her a weak smile and nods.

They’d find him.

They had to.

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Castle crew on Twitter + describing Stana’s water scene in "In the belly of the beast"

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secrets -by E
Faceless + secret’s safe with me
Castle Theme Party | Challenge #9


secrets -by E

Faceless + secret’s safe with me

Castle Theme Party | Challenge #9

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