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On the 8th of July 2012, Roundabout Theatre Company’s revival of Anything Goes ended it’s run! Here’s a look backstage.

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Hugh Jackman serenades the 2014 nominees for Leading Lady in a Musical category [08 Jun, 2014]

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Best Actress Nominees and what would they most like to do with Tony Award host Hugh Jackman.

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Tony Award Nominees for Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role in a Musical (2014)

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  • Idina is on Broadway
  • Sierra is on Broadway
  • Kristin is coming back to Broadway
  • Sutton is on Broadway
  • Ramin is on Broadway
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[ Always (feat. Sutton Foster) ]





Castle fans, check this song out. It makes my heart ache with Castle/Beckett feelings.

Always- Scott Alan feat. Sutton Foster

If there are times
You find that you are feeling weak
Lie next to me
I’ll hold you ‘til you fall asleep
At anytime of day
There’s nothing to explain
I’m always on your side

Hold on to me
I’ll steal you from the hardest day
Don’t be afraid
You have me here to guide your way
Through storms I will be here
I will not disappear
Always by your side


And on my heart
I promise I will see you through
When pain arrives
I’ll be right there to hold on to
With laughter and with prayer
I promise I’ll be there
Always by your side

At anytime of day
There’s nothing to explain
I’m always on your side

Reblogging do to current relevance. I’ve been singing this song while looking at the promo pics

and that my dear friends is the perfect recipe on how to get too emotional

Castle and Sutton Foster? Make my day, why don’t you?