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Stana Katic & Andrew Marlowe ♥


Stana Katic & Andrew Marlowe ♥

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Castle Writers 2014 (x)


Castle Writers 2014 (x)

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There is nothing I do not love about this. Nothing.


There is nothing I do not love about this. Nothing.

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“a writer and his muse fighting crime. just like us.”
Interviewer: How do you feel knowing that you’re the inspiration for a character like Kate Beckett? She’s a strong woman working in a man’s job, who has made her way in that world. What was your reaction when Andrew told you about creating a show like “Castle?”
Terri: Super flattered. I love the way I look through Andrew’s eyes. I am honored that he considers me his muse, and he is mine. When I read his pilot for “Castle,” I was blown away. And the most romantic part was, when the pilot got picked up, he told me he wanted us to make the show together. He says I bring the “sparks.” (x)
Actual best thing about Castle? Adorable Caskett is actually a Milmar AU. :)

It really is.

Number 1 reason why this show is so fucking amazing, Andrew is basically telling their story but in an AU setting. No one cares about Castle/Beckett’s story more than he does

This is why I have complete faith in the story being told. Sure it’s going to have its twists and its drama, it is TV after all, but at the heart of it all, it’s a love story and a love letter.

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Looks like the Creasey’s first episode will be episode three. (Thanks castle88ny!)

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Now we know that there will be 23 episodes in season 7. Unless the “?” next to 723 means that he’s not certain yet but planning for it just in case.

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