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Aww seamussssss


Aww seamussssss

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Happy Birthday, Stana!

“As an actor, I feel like you`re asked to live life as vibrantly as possible.”

I admire you.
I admire you so much.

1. I admire your name. It’s so beautiful. It sounds so beautiful. It’s beautiful, just like you. It’s perfect for you. People should learn to just…get it right.
“ Stana’s name is easy to pronounce. It’s Stah-nah, not Stayna or Stan-a. It’s not even Katie or Satan. Just simple, easy to say Stana. So… get it right.”

2. I admire your voice. It’s so diverse and it sounds simply beautiful. I do not even know how often I listened to your song. It’s ah-may-zing. And I can’t stop but always die from amazement over the fact that you wrote it yourself and it is just so…you. Your voice is so full of different feelings, so full of different emotions, so full of beauty.
“Hey Blue Eyes, tomorrow became yesterday…”

3. I admire your laugh and I admire your hair. When I see you laughing, smiling I just can’t help but smile as well. Your smile is like the sun, it makes the day brighter. And your hair…simply ashdgahsgashgfdfhakshas.
“I do, I use shampoo …sometimes I use conditioner. It’s amazing.”

4. I admire how you care about your fans, how you care about us and still keep your privaty. I am the happiest person when you take time to talk to us on Facebook or Twitter, but I’m also somehow happy, when I see you being so private. You have the perfect mix.
G’night fer real now my dear darling humanoids. Xo stana”

5. I admire you for you passion. It’s incredible what you put into the projects you do. The LA Children’s Hospital. The passion you show towards your projects is admirable.
“You guys are amazing! Thankyou all for helping me.This place is truly extraordinary.I wish I could take all of u thru the CHLA halls to see the amazing work being done there.”

6. I admire you for The Alternative Travel Project. You’re trying to help the environment, to call people’s attention, to make them realize that out earth needs to be cared about. Thank you!
“I try to walk to work as often as I can though I don’t do it every single day since sometimes we start at 5 am in the morning. But I try to do it at least once a week.”

7. I admire you for your childishness. I love how you just enjoy life and don’t try to hide your ‘inner child’. You became an adult, but stayed a kid at heart. <3 I hope when I say you’re childish, you will take it as an compliment. You taught me to do so.
“When someone accuses you of being “childish,” I think you should take it as a compliment.”

8. I admire you for your adorableness. You’re so funny, I could watch you all day long. I love how you just…live. 
“K, my doodazoids, I have to go. Thx 4 the great blabla. Be kind to someone 2day. X S”

9. I admire you for your performance as Kate Beckett and for your work as an actress. You are doing a perfect job. Your acting is incredible. Actually Rick Castle’s words fit here very well: You are a mystery I am never going to solve. Everytime I watch you I seem to get to know you all over again. There’s always something new, something different, something mysterious. Thank you for giving us Kate Beckett with all past, present an future. Thank you for doing such a fantastic job in performing her. You understand her better than anybody else does.
“She’s a woman, which means that she’s inherently strong. There are all these other wonderful facets to her, as well: hope, sometimes girlish hope; self-doubt; confidence. There’s a Joan of Arc quality to her, I suppose. There are different ways of communicating with people in different scenarios. In the workplace, you can really only be one kind of person, whereas with Castle, she has to maintain a certain sense of decorum for right now, but as we move forward and he gets to know her more, we get to see her other layers.”

I admire you. You taught me so much.
I admire you. For everything you are. For teaching me things abut life. For making me a better person. 
Thank you!
I love you.

And she kept everything private, but still cared about us fans. 
Guys, this woman is incredibly! ♥ 

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Omg, victor I love you

awwwww, love him 



Omg, victor I love you

awwwww, love him 

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Happy Birthday, Stana

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Happy birthday, Stana Katic!!!

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