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Caskett’s Swingsets..

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"Caskett and kittens"

There are three little ginger kittens climbing their way up the front of her fiancé’s shirt and she cannot keep a straight face. They’re just so damn cute. Well, the kittens. Though okay, her fiancé playing with kittens was pretty damn cute too.

How had they gotten in the situation of being the kittensitters again? Why had they even needed kittensitters? 

Suppose it isn’t the biggest, highest-needs thing they’ve ended up taking care of overnight. Cosmo definitely ran off with that prize easily, and even Royal had been more work than these kittens. 

But still. How was it always them?

Though looking at the proud little king-of-the-Castle who’d clambered onto Castle’s head, maybe this wasn’t so bad. Wasn’t bad at all. 

She looks down at her own little charge, a little happily purring calico content to be petted and watch her brothers and sister climb the Richard Castle from the sidelines. What a cutie. She’d always fancied herself more of a dog person to be honest, but that didn’t mean she hated cats. Cats were good fun in their own way. And kittens? You couldn’t get much cuter than kittens. When Maddie had gotten her new kitten sophomore year they’d spent more time playing with little Kelly than gossiping. 

Castle catches her eye and grins, “And you said you weren’t a cat person.”

"I never said I wasn’t a cat person," she says.

"You totally did."

"I did not. I might be a dog person but the two are not mutually exclusive."

"Usually they are!"

"You say you’re a dog person too and you seem to have no qualms with kittens."

"No human being can have qualms with kittens," he insists, "Unless they’re allergic or something." 

"So your argument that I said I was never a cat person isn’t valid," she says, smiling, "Because I’m human, so my being a cat person or not a cat person is not proved or disproved by my liking of kittens."

"Yes but you… you…"

"Win?" she says, her little calico nuzzling into her hand.

He sighs, “I suppose.”

"Right answer, Kitten."

"Oh no," he groans, "You are not bringing that back!"

"I didn’t do anything," she says innocently,

"You agreed to never ever call me that," he says, "Remember?"

Oh yes. She definitely remembers that. Back in the beginning after he’d saved her life and he took that as his reward. When he’d backed her up against the hallway wall and whispered that into her ear. Oh yes. She remembers that. She remembers that very very well. She also remembers the flush that had come over her cheeks, the alarm but also the desire that had been fired up in her… and all back when she hated him.

She looks up to see his grin, “What?’

"You’re blushing," he says. 

"I am not," she says.

"You so are!"

"It’s… it’s the kittens."

"These kittens or this kitten?"

She opens her mouth to make a comeback before closing it again, stifling a giggle as the kitten on his head releases the smallest meow in the world, echoed by his siblings. Oh god. These kittens would be the death of her.

"I can’t take you seriously while you have a kitten on your head."

His eyes move up to look at the little ginger kitten on his head and the two siblings on his shoulders and he nods slowly. He gently lifts the little king from his head and the kitten siblings too, lowering them to the ground. The little calico who’d been enamored with Kate got up to stumble over to her siblings, yawning.

"I think we should get these four off to bed," she says, watching another little one yawn. They’d fed them earlier and they seemed pretty sleepy now, worn out by Castle and a laser pointer. 

"Agreed," he responds, moving to grab the cushy, warm bed they’d grabbed for the four earlier. He settled it on the bedroom floor, closing the door behind him, and soon enough four little kittens had settled into their new bed.

"Now shall this kitten get to sleep too?" he says, smiling at her.

"If you’re going to keep calling yourself kitten I should be able to-"

"We made a deal," he insists, "So unless you want me to collect on what I had initially considered asking then…"

His eyes have darkened somewhat and she swallows as he approaches her.

"Do your worst… Kitten."

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"prompt: (Castle and Beckett) First morning into their honeymoon... fluff and just-married gibberish :') thank you"

She’s up early- no surprise really. With the jet lag and her normal sleep schedule, it’s really no surprise she’s up at the crack of dawn. Quite literally the crack of dawn. There’s a sliver of light starting to creep its way over the endless horizon they can see from their suite, the aquamarine waters surrounding them just starting to glitter again in the emerging sunlight. 

Smiling down at her fian-husband. She had married him. Right. They were married. My god. She had married Richard freaking Castle yesterday in that gorgeous dress and save a murder that brought a rather unsavory ex from her wild child phase back into her life, it had gone off without a hitch. Imagine that. Something involving them going smoothly!

But wow. Wow they were married. After a six-year partnership and a two-year, though come on who was she kidding really a six-year, romance, here they were, married. The man she’d hated and secretly loved, the man with the crazy theories and the surprising insight, the man who believed in ghosts and bigfoot and zombies, the man she fell hopelessly in love with. She’d married him. Wow.

She gets up as quietly as she can, not wanting to miss a chance to see this sunrise. She pulls on his robe (it’s closer!) and her slippers and pads out to the deck, sitting down on one of the white lawn chairs set out on the pale wood. There’s a light breeze from off the water that surrounds her, and the sea air is a nice change from the city. She wasn’t one of those people who constantly needed nature and the open air to thrive- she was a city girl through and through- but it was nice once in a while. She’s almost glad now that they hadn’t been able to come out for his birthday last year and that this year they’d satisfied his inner LOTR-fanboy and gone to New Zealand. Bora Bora for their honeymoon was just… exquisite and beautiful and all kinds of perfect. 

"You’re up early," says a voice from behind her, a hand lightly landing on her shoulder.

"You surprised?" she says, turning to see her sleep-rumpled husband, "I’m sorry. I tried not to wake you."

"I’m not and you didn’t," he says, squinting at her for a second, "Though you did steal my robe."

"I stole nothing," she says as he sits down next to her, "What’s yours is mine, is it not? We are married."

"Yes we are," he says happily. 

"So I’ve not stolen anything," she reiterates after a pause, "And that’s final."

He shakes his head but she can see the grin he tries to hide. Suddenly he pulls her towards him, settling her in his lap so that his legs are curled around the outside of hers, his arms pulling her against his body.

"You were too far away," he says softly in her ear, "Mrs. Castle." 

"Technically it’s Beckett Castle, mister," she says, "Still Beckett at work."

"And I wouldn’t want it any other way," he pauses and she can almost hear his grin, "Mrs. Castle."

She shakes her head and turns to the horizon stretching in front of them again, his hand starting to twist her wedding ring around her finger. It was a beautiful ring. She hates that she’ll have to probably put it on the chain at work, but she supposes she’d rather know it was safe and not going to get all dinged up than have it out in the open. And it almost made the chain… lighter? Before it was just a reminder that her mom was dead and she had to avenge it. She had carried a chain like the ghost of Jacob Marley in A Christmas Carol did. Now it was a reminder of the people she loved. There was Castle, her mom… the watch was her father. All the people she loved held dear to her at all times. She liked the idea a lot to be honest. 

The sky starts to come alive in soft oranges and golds, pinks and purples. She’s always loved the sunrise. Maybe not always the waking up and seeing it (as a teenager at Stuy she’d have probably much rather slept through it), but the beauty of the sunrise wasn’t to be trivialized. Sunsets were gorgeous too, but there was something about the softness, the subtlety of a sunrise that got to her.

Soon enough the sun was rising fully into the sky, the water around her alive with the sparkle it gave to it. The cries of gulls and of birds she couldn’t name if she tried ring through the air, wheeling black shapes starting to appear over the distant waters against the blazing sun. And as the wonderful man she’d married behind her whispered all the things, both G and R rated, he was planning to do with her today in her ear, she was really, truly, blissfully happy. 

It was a new day, in all senses of the word. 

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I love how “it was spring” is the only excuse Castle has for his Lady Godiva act. Beckett’s just trying her damnedest not picture him naked (and failing).

I love the way her eyebrows flick on the word ‘nude.’ Her face says ‘I disapprove,’ but her eyebrows say, ‘hell yeah.’

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Handcuffed together that long? I’m surprised you two didn’t kill each other.
Yeah, well, there were a couple of moments.

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That 70s Show

Even when she wants to kill him, she smiles.

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