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This still gives me chills every time.

and into the woods we go

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Wardrobe Repeats [1/?] - Grey sweater
3x12 | 3x15 | 3x18 | 4x17 | 5x19 | 5x24

Me thinks she doth like that sweater.

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He is the sweetest, and she knows that <3

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Once Upon a Crime

I love the insight she gets into him, invited to the inner Castle sanctum, seeing what it must’ve been liked growing up with Martha as a mother, where his own dramatic proclivities come from. How it has shaped him as both son and father, as a man.

Peeling back another layer of the Castle onion.

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Watch yo self.

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counting up the years → caskett in episode 17 of every season

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Imagine her buying and dressing up in a Bo Peep costume and inviting him over to her apartment and seducing him and he just starts laughing because he cannot believe she actually did it and she gets upset and starts to walk away but he pulls her back into his arms and holds her close, resting his forehead against hers and staring lovingly into her eyes and says, “I love you” and they kiss and then have really kinky sex because she’s still in that Bo Peep get up and it turns him on so much and then afterwards when they’re cuddling in the afterglow he just starts making sheep noises and Kate hits him with a pillow but he doesn’t stop and soon they’re rolling around on the bed laughing their asses off and having a pillow fight and Goddamn this started as a simple funny thought but it sure did escalate.

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She’s cute when she’s disgusted.


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4x17 | 6x09

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