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Castle meme: Best of Kate Beckett + updo hair

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2x06 // 4x13 // 6x10 - Caskett co-parenting: an egg → a dog → a baby

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Yeah, I know this has been giffed a million times over, but it’s just so damn adorable and it’s like a Stana moment and a Beckett moment all mashed up into one. And dogs are just so great and they love so unconditionally and gahhh.

I also love how it parallels her relationship with Castle where at the start she’s all like “stay over there, maintain a strict boundary, not letting on the couch/into my life” etc and then she can’t keep it up and lets him in, lets him love her and it just makes her so happy. 

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The guy is crazy about you. And despite your little act, you’re crazy about him.

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Castle and Beckett - They uh touch things each other

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3.01 // 4.13 // 5.19

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