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Castle Day 1 (courtesy of Terri Miller)


Castle Day 1 (courtesy of Terri Miller)

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"You have no idea."

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Things change

seasons 1-6

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That moment when you read one of the original pilot scripts to Castle and it says this: 




I love the heck out of this! Is the rest available somewhere? WANT!

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So hardcore she gonna marry you dude.

But seriously, the second gif is so great. Just look how delighted she is. It’s like she’s so happy she figured this out, and she’s sitting there, bragging to her favorite mystery writer because she put the clues together. Like she gets that same little rush when she figures out who the killer is in one of his books, only to have it confirmed 20 pages later. And without thinking, she’s in that same headspace because he’s Richard-freaking-Castle, man. But then he picks up on it and she’s just like…crap!

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